Always remember the REAL reason for the season

14 12 2011

As the holidays come near, I would like to take a few minutes to remind everyone of the REAL reasons for this holiday season.

The Winter Solstice or as it’s also known, the holiday Yule.

This is the time that our ancestors celebrated the changing of the season. It was a time of joy and happiness, as our ancestors knew it would only be a matter of time before the cold harsh winter was over and the warming rays of the sun would soon return with spring and thus allow the growing of the crops.

This was the time they celebrated the “Rebirth of the Sun”. As it’s cycle around the earth would soon be complete.

Winter was a terrorifying and difficult time for our ancestors. Shortages of food, as there were no grocery stores to shop at.. You only had what you managed to save from the previous seasons harvest.. and if you didn’t have anything left.. you starved to death.

So the celebration of the end of winter was a REALLY big deal.

Then something horrible happened…

The Christians came along and slaughtered everyone.

Tens of millions of innocent people were murdered… Tortured alive, disembowled, burned at the stake, women and children were raped and taken as slaves.


and if anyone would argue.. They were simply slaughtered in mass numbers.

So Remember this holiday.. When greeting friends and family.. Always say.. Happy Yule, or Happy Winter Solstice.. Because the word “Christmas” is a horrible worthless term that does nothing but justify and enforce tens of millions of murders of innocent people. Not something you should be associating yourself with on this happy holiday.

Remember.. There is REAL history.. Real Truth…. Other than that of what the delusional religious people have told you…

Six Police Hogtie And Beat To Death Homeless Man In California

4 08 2011

Well they have done it again. These organized criminals that have disguised themselves as public servants, have slaughtered yet another innocent person. This time, it took 6 police officers to hold down (to block view from cameras) an unarmed, and restrained man, as they beat him literally to death while the entire time screaming “STOP RESISTING!”

Wonderful words of advice huh? STOP RESISTING!  Accept whats coming to you.. Lay there and welcome death willingly and gladly. Do nothing to prevent your murder. After all.. This is what the LAW has decided for you.. You should accept it without question.

Shame.. Is what I feel. Shame that I am forced to continue to pay taxes to support murders like this. Shame that I and all the rest of us have been brainwashed into thinking we should do nothing to prevent things like this from happening. There was a croud of people standing there on the street watching as this man was beaten to death. Did anyone rush to help him? Did anyone attack these monsters as they were killing him there on the street? Was there not one single armed man or woman within shooting distance?

Shame.. That I and all the rest of us lacked the courage to step in and save this mans life. Our own interests of self preservation, of not wanting to suffer the same fate at the hands of these madmen prevented us from acting.

But thats the law.. you don’t question the law, and you don’t take the law into your own hands…

What happens when the law is created by criminals? For Criminals? Where does that leave the rest of us? What options do we have? There are no courts for ditry judges, there are no jails for crooked cops. These criminals will not try and execute themselves.

What options do we have?

Hide in our homes and hope that the State Execution squads pass by our homes in the night? Hope that we can get to and from work or school everyday without being tazered and beaten. Hopes that we won’t be thrown down, beaten, and searched against our will?

I don’t know about the rest of you.. But i’m getting pretty fed up with being scared for my life from public servants. I’m getting tired of watching time after time as they muder us in mass numbers and nothing happens to them..

Oh sure.. they may be suspended with pay pending the mandatory investigation/coverup followed by the customary public slap on the wrist and carefully placed wink of private support.

That’s not enough. Every single police officer featured in this video deserves to die for the part he played in the murder of this poor man. We already know there is not a court in the land that will sentence a pig to death, dirty or not.

What options do we have?

Who among us will stand up and make the public declaration that real justice still exists in this world?

Who among us will avenge this mans murder and prevent anyone else from suffering the same fate at the hands of these monsters.

Who among us will stand up and make an example out of these murders, to scream a message into the night, into the ears of all the police officers in the world..


Their blood can run just as easily in the streets as ours. The only reason it don’t.. Is because we choose not to. We don’t have to continue to make that choice.

Irrational Faith In Govenment Is Just as Disturbing as Irrational Faith in Religion

6 05 2011

Left Fake : Right Real

So I sit here reflecting back upon the events of the last few days. OSAMA is DEAD! Hundreds if not thousands of Americans take to the streets in joy and celebration at the death of the monster that “murdered” their family members, friends, and fellow Americans…

After 10 years of cave hopping they finally got him.. They storm his bunker, put a bullet in him.. and its over.

They promptly destroy the evidence, bury him at sea, and don’t release even one photo of his body..

Not even one picture.. Not even one snapped on a soldiers phone..

Now.. They say this is because they fear fueling additional attacks against the United States.

That it would be to upsetting to the Muslim world…

They didn’t seem to mind releasing all those Osama videos to the world. Despite how upsetting it was to those directly related to 9/11. Those feelings were never taken into account..

But then again that was still back when they were still trying to drive up public support for their invasions.

Then there was the fake Osama video that was released. A video clearly displaying a person that was not Osama.. but merely passed off with not even a single official seeming to notice.. This was ironically the video where he accepted responsibility for 9/11..

One thing I’ve learned being an atheist is to look at all sides of an argument before jumping to conclusions. I would not say that I’m one that would place irrational beliefs in conspiracies, but I would tend to believe in things that are supported by evidence until such a date that it could be proven incorrect by additional evidence.

Am I making any outright claims? Not at all..

But I do know that all of the events of 9/11 are extremely fishy…

From NATO conducting simulations of planes flying into buildings on the exact time and date that planes were being flown into buildings.

From the fires that burned hot enough to turn steel into lava that pooled in the basement, yet still allowed the passports of the hijackers to be found unharmed.

To the building that was destroyed without even a single impact.

To the entire site of these massive building being reduced to dust.

To the support beams being cut off at angles that would allow them to collapse in upon themselves.

To the fishy video of the man accepting responsibility that looks nothing like the person who he is claiming to be.

and last but not least, to the select few individuals who have made millions if not billions of dollars resulting for the invasion that took place afterwards at the tax payers expense…

But then again.. everything could be just as they’ve said.. And baby Jesus could really be our lord and savior.. and Santa Clause really could be coming down the chimney..

Do i know anything for sure? Nah.

All I’m saying is that irrational faith in Government is just as sick and destructive as the irrational faith in religion.

But what I do know.. There is tons of money to be made from the murder of innocent people, and we’re going to need a new monster now that this one has officially been declared dead.

Lets see what the series of events will be that lead to enough public support being granted to fuel the invasion to get this one.

Mark my words, here and now. ;)


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