Always remember the REAL reason for the season

14 12 2011

As the holidays come near, I would like to take a few minutes to remind everyone of the REAL reasons for this holiday season.

The Winter Solstice or as it’s also known, the holiday Yule.

This is the time that our ancestors celebrated the changing of the season. It was a time of joy and happiness, as our ancestors knew it would only be a matter of time before the cold harsh winter was over and the warming rays of the sun would soon return with spring and thus allow the growing of the crops.

This was the time they celebrated the “Rebirth of the Sun”. As it’s cycle around the earth would soon be complete.

Winter was a terrorifying and difficult time for our ancestors. Shortages of food, as there were no grocery stores to shop at.. You only had what you managed to save from the previous seasons harvest.. and if you didn’t have anything left.. you starved to death.

So the celebration of the end of winter was a REALLY big deal.

Then something horrible happened…

The Christians came along and slaughtered everyone.

Tens of millions of innocent people were murdered… Tortured alive, disembowled, burned at the stake, women and children were raped and taken as slaves.


and if anyone would argue.. They were simply slaughtered in mass numbers.

So Remember this holiday.. When greeting friends and family.. Always say.. Happy Yule, or Happy Winter Solstice.. Because the word “Christmas” is a horrible worthless term that does nothing but justify and enforce tens of millions of murders of innocent people. Not something you should be associating yourself with on this happy holiday.

Remember.. There is REAL history.. Real Truth…. Other than that of what the delusional religious people have told you…



4 responses

28 12 2011

I hope you got to spend some time with family and friends.

29 12 2011
All The Worlds A Stage

I did. Thank you. :D

20 12 2012
All The Worlds A Stage

I find it ironic that you speak of freedom.. Your kind has always tried to and continues to try to abolish it. There is nothing more the religious hate then freedom. They get off on and welcome the idea of being slaves both in physical shackles and that of the mind.

I will agree with you on one point, my figure of tens of millions was an intended exaggeration. The real number being closer to the multiple hundreds of thousands. But is there really a difference? Whats one dead innocent life, or a thousand, tens of thousands, hundreds millions? Does one ritualistic slaughter become less important than a million? Or the fact that its continued for a thousand years rather than quick and organized extermination?

I also find it humorous that you attempt to create a separation between your kinds actions and that of Hitlers. As if all of Hitlers actions were not supported, endorsed, and biblically warranted by the Vatican.

One thing I will give Hitler was that his killings were clean and efficient.. Not the savage torturious examples of human mutilation that early christians adopted. Hitler never disembowled, or beheaded, or murdered entire villages taking women and children as sex slaves. His acts of mass homicide were at least somewhat civilized.

And that brings me to your last point. All the “good” in the wold that is done by christians..

I will not deny that there are some good people in your faith. But what i have faith of is that those people would be good regardless of the delusion in there minds.. There are those that pretend very well.. those that trade the spread of mental illness in exchance for food for the starving.. but its never a gift. It always comes with the cost of your mind.

And lets not forget all the good the faith is bringing in africa.. where countless millions really are being to this day slaughtered in mass as a direct result of the church.. because as we all know.. dying of aids is horrible.. but preventing it by using a condom is an abomination unto our great delusion in the sky.

But.. they follow the example of the most holy among us and resort to snatching infants off the streets to pass around and rape to death. Yes.. it seem i may perhaps be a little too quick to judge the actions of your kind.. I can admit that as a possibility.. But then there is also the possibility that you yourself are just blinded by your years of brainwashing to be able to see the true horrors of your collective mental illness..

8 10 2013

Just wondering where you are today. There are times I think about your anger, anger at what evil people have done in the past, and you are justified to be angry. It’s a good thing that you have an internal moral code written on your heart. But the one drawback is that the worldview you affirm doesn’t allow for you to say there is any evil at all.

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